Born and raised in Exeter, Ontario Canada, Zach Neil spent his early years working on the family farm and playing hockey, rugby and soccer. When he was 12 years old, Zach begged his parents for a guitar for Christmas so that he could sing and play along with his favorite songs on the radio – his early influences included George Strait, Randy Travis, Keith Whitley and many others.


In high school, he formed a band with some friends and soon they were playing in and around his home town. “We stunk”, jokes Zach, “but we had a lot of fun”. After graduating high school, Zach packed his truck and headed south to Nashville. Before long, he was playing at many clubs around Nashville and traveling across the country playing in many more.


Zach’s charisma endears him to fans of all ages. His work ethic and desire to improve is evident to fans that have followed him over the years. “Every time I go to bat, I try to get better, whether it is singing, playing the guitar or writing a song”.


Where does Zach go from here? “I will keep following my passion, playing country music and writing country songs” said Zach.

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