Zach Neil



Zach Neil comes from a farming family that goes back several generations. Growing up he worked on the farm, played sports and always thought he’d follow in his dad’s footsteps and continue farming. But a battle of the bands competition changed all that when Zach’s band tied for first place. “We started to get booked on a lot of fairs, festivals and rodeos and I began to feel like maybe music was something I could do for a living”. 


Now, following the success of his song “When She Drinks Whiskey” earlier this year, Zach is releasing his new single “Something In The Stars”. A fun song lyrically but with a haunting melody that sticks with you. “It’s such a unique song, and we really had fun with it in the studio!”


Zach is currently booking shows and excited to get back on stage! “I love playing live, every show is different, every crowd is different. Every night is a chance to keep growing and spreading my brand of country music”. And that is exactly what he is doing!